martes, mayo 28, 2013

Imagine the feelings of a whole continent

Imagine the feelings of a whole
continent, I said. A sheer blank
space of delightful mystery, its black
thoughts, its body
at rest in the middle of blessings.
If such is the meaning
of a French steamer, and it was, were
we who had pronounced a judgment upon
the whole population cleared into
the heart of an unknown planet? We could for a
while, of massacres, of
craven terror, of burning noble words.
It was very grave, were we
who had gone mad, completely.
"a light heart,
its black thoughts"
By Gnoetry & Eric Scovel
Beard of Bees Press
Chicago, Illinois
Number 60
March, 2009

*Gnoetry is an on-going experiment in human/computer collaborative poetry composition.
Gnoetry synthesizes language randomly based on its analysis of existing texts. Any machine-readable text or texts, in any language, can serve as the basis of the Gnoetic process. Gnoetry generates sentences that mimic the local statistical properties of the source texts. This language is filtered subject to additional constraints (syllable counts, rhyming, etc.) to produce a poem.