viernes, mayo 11, 2007

Lo positivo de la maquina operante

A regular citizen is ruled by institutions, grows up between governments tha tells him what to do and what not to, believes in a religion that gathers the community in buildings with a sacred condition called temples or churches, goes to the supermarket and to the cinema to buy the food and watch the film that saw advertised on the television while he was watching the match of the team that he supports, this team itself is an institution that tells its followers how to dress, sing and celebrate; this citizen twenty years ago turned on the television when got back from work and thought that he was exercising his free will when deciding if he was going to watch BBC or ITV news shows, which had the same agenda and content. Now this citizen can go online and set his own agenda in a blog or broadcast himself in You tube, at the same time he can get information on what his interests are, regardless the content of his television.